Top Trends Driving Changes in Digital Production and Post Production

The media landscape is rapidly changing. Expectation for immersive and high-quality viewing experiences on the big, small and multiscreens is growing.

Fraunhofer Digital Media Alliance, R&D powerhouse, has created a list with the top trends that are driving the industry forward.

  • All screens converging into one world – content will need to be produced so that it meets the many technical standards required in cinema, or television or consumer devices
  • Simplifying workflows with single uniform format – industry professionals will rapidly adopt the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) to simplify processes and content exchange in post-production stages or facilities
  • Light-field technology adoption – increasing number of cameras and camera arrays will provide professionals with additional views for editing in post-production. Light-field technology exploits these views to create depth maps, virtual camera movements, as well as changes in focus

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