True: Live OTT is a Reality

Global OTT video subscription revenues are forecasted to increase from $9 billion in 2014 to $19 billion in 2019 (Parks Associates 2015). This is an incredible market opportunity, especially for live OTT offerings, including sports programs and live events. Yet many content owners and service providers can’t tap into this potential.

Today’s OTT delivery platforms and CDNs’ best-effort solutions are not optimized for live. There is a delay of up to a few minutes in a traditional OTT platform. The disconnect between the primary and secondary screens negatively impacts the audience experience and makes social media interaction, customer engagement and other time-sensitive applications impossible.

Net Insight, the leading provider of live, interactive and on-demand media transport, is uniquely positioned to enable a true live OTT delivery. The company’s entrance into the OTT market opens up new business opportunities for the entire media and entertainment ecosystem.

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